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This is just a test of the frequency
You can be a hood without delinquency
Cause I be the rhyme and the rhyme be me
Whatever I be the rhyme be

[Verse One]
I break the average n*gga down, just like decomposition
On a mission to chart the art of rhyming way beyond traditions
Equally, you’ll find my vision’s gone beyond the 20/20
Had enough of these n*ggas showin’ me just who be on the money
I catch phrases out of the blue like touchdown throws to wide recievers
So, “Hail Mary”, But you couldn’t “Run with me” if you were Gail Deavers
I got that monotone lyric for your recievers
Don’t don’t deceive us, cause we don’t believe in non-believers
My style is more golden than that of a child who owns retrievers
I shine like I’m David Helfgott, Searching for wealth, not solely
But baby, “Do Ya Rilly Kno What’s going on?”
I be that tech president that you Elec(t) like TRON
I base data on databases, so it’s too complicated to trace this
And with no flava you gotta face it, You’re tasteless
The way that I embrace this is like huggin’ a cripple
Invisible individuals get scratched like they’re pickles
I physically tickle your mind, like water that trickles over your nipples
I drip, cause lyrically I keep it kinky
Hookers wanna drink me, but they can’t handle my tricks
Cause I’ve been known for putting chip-clips on my b*tches’ tits
It hits the year 2K, and it’s a whole different story
Don’t need will smith to talk about Miami for me
Cause If I got a positive vibe, and a quote from a negative source
Saying my Rap Sheet was Right On!, like what I’d do to the bus on my tours
For sure I’m not a tourist, I’m a purist
Came into the land of rhyme, sanded the hourglass and I cuffed the hands of time
To arrest your interest and express with mine
n*ggas can check me out with ten items or less, while you regress and stand in line
They play the way like pantomimes, I only touch ‘em with mitts
I tell ‘em, “Shut the f*ck up!”, and yo, they can’t say sh*t
I’m giving verbal facelifts to those with traces of painted faces
So, I’ma tell you what the case is


[Verse Two]
So, when it comes to the written rhyme, the ink effects are diabolical
Off the top of the dome like George Jefferson’s hair follicles
!?What?!, You put the ass in astronomical
Any attempt by you to even make a def jam could pass for comical
More psychological than movie thrillers, boxing n*ggas like Helena in Manila
Extract ‘em like vanilla/ For real, I never had a dope name to profess
But relied on my skill when it came to the test
I’m blessed in the trade of my native expression
If late is my time, then my rhyme be inte-resting
I question the power of a star
Cause kids be singing “love live the king”, like my name was Uncle Scar
So, “Can you feel the buzz tonight?"
I never mean it in a blunt way, cause some say that they’re the fliest when the drums play
They’re bound to go down just like morale on hump day
Cause once they front, an omen will hunt they’re ass down in my name
Cause I box out them n*ggas that’s surrounding my game
In any way shape or form
I did circles on those who weren’t breaking the norm
And I’m the first to try angles that you ain’t figured before
You’ve forged on more lines than my written signature
And my sh*t’ll be hitting for sure upon the canvas
I planned this tonight so you might understand this


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