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[Verse 1] Anxiety
Up in the morning I feel the immediate beat of my heart that is speeding up
Feeding a demon that’s seeking to eat at my being
I get up to pee and I think of a million things that I need to achieve
And the chi is depleting I’m sinking while dreaming of singing
I’m brushing my teeth, and I'm seeing the bleeding
My vigorous scrubbing is leaving the gums till they’re bloody and beaten
My stomach is screaming for something appealing to munch in the PM
But what I’ve been dealing with really been keeping my hunger receding
I want to proceed but I’m weak, and wiggin the f*ck out I’m freaking
I’m stuck in a rut and the wheels of my brain have been peeling away in the deep of the mud
And I’m eager to rush to the people to bust on the beats in the club
But the meetings they come by the dozen, with none of em seeming to budge
(Jesus!) There’s nothing to for me to become
If I’m happy to sit on my ass and imagine my team had a buzz
And it's never been easy for us, and then seeing the fuss over green little f*cks that the media trumps while they leave us to eat up the crumbs

And little by little I’m chipping away at the brittle facade of my will
To fulfill the ambitions I had as a child
Anxiety riddled, when time is an issue - I’m bound
(You will not slow me down!)
I’m driven to finish the mission, no matter the prison I sit in
Is mental or physical, when did this sh*t go to trial?
Possessed by a negative sense of denial and doubt

[Verse 2] Trial
Ladies & Gentlemen, May I direct attention to gaze on the evidence
That has been getting me fed up whenever presenting it
Let it be known to the jury and judge of the court that I’m seeking a settlement
And a conviction to put the defendant to death
And I meant it when I said my etiquette wasn't as elegant
When I'm addressing this Son of a b*tch in my presence
I bet if I let you reflect on elements that have been set up ahead of the
Sentencing, you would agree with the sentiment - O, Demon
Look at the skeleton. People, now who could you tell it is?
Who do you know that could truly renew it to sediment, ruin the specimen
Who in the hell be as decadent,? Part of his nature - a testament
To be compelled to kill - whether he had the intent is irrelevant
Who is the addict of adding the panic, until you need medicine
Brutally batter executives, sicken the pitiful peasant
The funeral debt is tremendous, we'll get a confession! Or better yet -
2 to a cell - if it’s time and anxiety in bed together
This beautiful serial killer has managed to kill everyone on the
Planet 100% of the time, And his record is perfect
And I will admit that I kind of admire that sort of commitment
Denying the feat - you’re committing a crime with that bit of assertion-
I’m ripping the curtain, revealing the truth and they get to observe it
I’m beginning to see the effects and he’s getting so nervous
If our bodies regenerate why in the f*ck do we celebrate
Dying a day at a time from the poison he' gave us when birth hit

And I’ve had it, no matter the verdict, I’m taking the law and I’m skirting it
Doing it dirty, I’m bringing the murderer down
If it’s sounding like I’m in a hurry, or cursing you out
(You will not slow me down!)
I want it so bad that I hate it, I’m breaking the barrier - racing
To win everything cause I made it personal vow
So either I die when I try or I throw in the towel

I don't wanna wake up. I don't wake up
I don't wanna wake up. Anymore
I feel it when I wake up, like I just exposed a nerve
Cannot shake the feeling - I left a single stone unturned
I feel it when I wake up, like I just exposed a nerve
Cannot shake the feeling - I left a single stone unturned

I know your relentless, you’ll never stop coming to tear me to pieces
You hunting me, Crushing me, running me into the ground
Till I vanish when breaking the f*cking speed of sound
You will not slow me down!
I know that I’m living on time that I borrowed
And maybe tomorrow’s the day that I finally take my applause and bow
I will not wake up in a panic again, starting now!

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