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"Bums in the Alley"

AB: -Yo check it out I just found a f*cken microphone
Mexicano 777: No you didn't!
A.B: I found a mic in the garbage can!
Tonedeff: I want to be the MC! I'm the MC!
Mexicano 777: Ok I'm gonna introduce then, I'm a introduce then
Mexicano 777: Ladies and gentlemen BA, Tonedeff and Mexicano

I run with men of fifty nations
Overwhelmed with patience lived for confrontations
Engaging every operation formation
Ain't no safe haven straight lacing
BA ex abbreviation for rap suffocation
Blow a fuse and won't lose
Stay on top of New York
Like Buffalo and Syracuse

(Mexicano 777 Speaking)
Now what the hell is wrong with you?
I thought you were going to sing the blues or something like that
Excuse me ladies and gentlemen
I'm going to present right now Tonedeff

I'll bust your muscle structure
When we're at war like Capulets and Montagues
So, next time you'll need Jerry Lewis to sponsor you
Want to throw lines? I'll rock a few
Step down or I'll be shooting you up
Quicker than even Amadou Diallo knew
My flow disintegrates you like you're soluble
You've got the range of short amputated golfers
Minus the follow-through
Since you're responsible for all your dead grammar
I'll draw a period on your head
And get to the point with a sledgehammer

[Mexicano 777 speaking]
What the f*ck, motherf*cker I thought you were
Going to sing the song of Perry Comoz
f*ck you B.A. come here - I need a drink

Hey yo B.A. the biggest thing since Hercules
Strapped with uncertainties
Strong minds overcome the worst adversities
Went from big wheels in nurseries to ML's 320 Mercedes
Doubled everything but change the names like Ford and Mercury
I left a deadly letter legibly can see conformably
What's become of me a short summary?
Of the good the bad and the ugly

[Mexicano 777 speaking]
Para, para, para
Pero que es lo que estos hijo
De la gran puta se creen, estos charlatanes
Now what the f*ck y'all think?
Y'all motherf*ckers can't sing for sh*t

[Mexicano 777]
I put a hole two holes three holes
Who's next who goes I'll steal the show
Next up blows that those who don't know
That I'm crazier than the devil
I put it on the table but the n*gga just a pebble
That makes me the master

[Mexicano 777 speaking]
Esperate, wait a minute right now
I thought that you were coming in spanish
A pues esta bien

[Mexicano 777]
Quien quiere guerra, yo te doy la guerra
Para que tu no comas mierda
Otro hijo de puta que ha nacido en mi tierra
Puertorriqueno, soy la leyenda
Mas valorosa que una piedra de diamante tira palante
El cantante de los cantantes viene haciendo escante
Un Pedro Infante, Jorge Nergrete
Disputando mis platinos y fumando al garete
Quien quiere fuete

[Mexicano 777 and Tonedeff speaking]
I don't give a f*ck if your name is
Mexicano or Tonedeff or B.A. or A.B
Ya better show me more than this motherf*ckers
Hey let the microphone go right now. Give me the mic!

I'm coming up with an immaculate
Syllabic attack and it's incredibly accurate
Enemy n*ggas can't even attack it with any kinetic attachments
And the fact is, I'm bending your back, b*tch
Im spinning a web, like I'm 20 arachnids
And I trap kids, in the minute of limited time that be ending the matches
Whack your f*cking planet off its heavenly access
Your style's holy, but you need some leather to cover the patches
Access denied, declined
Nothing's as treacherous as the messages we find
Whenever you be kind and rewind
You-You-You (backwards), You f*cking biters you
Better believe that I can do Pharoahe Monch's styles too
I'll defile you, with my style, shoot
I wear it like my skin tone
But you rap like a schizophrenic bimbo with Tourrette's syndrome

Yo, yo yo my turn, my turn
I need this mic
I'll make it hard to keep track of my days
If need be you count the sun rays
Seven nights seven days,incubate six degrees separate the ways
Permenate resurficent blaze the place
Nurse my cash yo till I can raise the stakes
Left a black rose to trace just enough to change the pace
Stay in pace with the amazing grace
After and during each take fire escapes
Hold me down for peep sake
I'll keep my paper laced in any case fakes race for pearly gates

[Mexicano 777]
Dame aca puneta ahora si que me toca ami, olvidate de eso, sueltalo
Hay se tiraron un pedo estos cabrones
Yo! me tiro un pedo, me remeneo me pongo flaco como un fideo
No digas fo que no fui yo fue uno de esos dos que se lo tiro
Quiero que sepas que cuando tu quieras to doy la pelea
Y donde tu quieras las cosas bien feas sete remeneas ______

I personally like when people give you
Microphones out of the random in the streets
I like to find them in the garbage in sh*t
I'll tell you something right now
I'll give you a shoe and a bag of beans for that mic
I've got two clean socks and I'll give it to you for that cardboard box
Clean socks? You haven't seen two clean socks in about three years
I haven't taken a bath in six months!
I haven't washed my as in fourteen weeks!
Fourteen weeks!
Motherf*cker I'm beating all ya motherf*ckers
I've got eighteen months without bathing motherf*ckers
Lets just shut up and drink these motherf*cken forties
Let's just drink on - give me that! Pour some out man!
What the f*ck! Damn boy
Pour some out, sh*t

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