"Can’t Help Myself"

[Verse 1]

From the land of the sunshine
Lives the man with the punchlines
Quick to make the crowd throw up they hands like I'm one time
Peace to the soldiers at war on the front lines
And if you hate on that, you better break out like it's lunchtime
Call me the new voice of the southern peninsula
Coming to enter the game spittin something to injure ya
I roll with sisters who hustle brothers
And brothers who hustle sisters & brothers to support they baby mothers
And hustlers who flip weight so they could live great
Personally I'd rather make money off mixtapes
Sellin em, bootleggin em, recording em
It's all the same
What makes me laugh is these rappers who gotta pawn they chain
Cause they spent they money up and now they gotta be cheaper
And I'm with they ex girl playing swallow the leader
She calls me a keeper
I've got her number all on my beeper
I can't help myself
I guess I'm just a naughty boriqua
So I say..

[1st Hook]

If you see me start to take over the south
'My bad, I can't help myself'
If you bother me soon as I leave my property
And I knock you out
'My bad, I can't help myself'
Ladies if you catch me staring at your jelly
And you start to get me sweaty
'My bad, I can't help myself'
And if we dance and I'm feeling on yo booty
Like my name was R. Kelly
'I'm sorry I can't help myself.. my bad'

[Verse 2]

Ladies & gentlemen
Girls & boys in this
I've got something for your radio that's poisonous
Ain't no need to ask the DJ who's voice this is
SOS get the party the noisiest
And screw the sound ordinance
I do this for the audience
To see who be the naughtiest
And show them where the party is
We've got more chickens here than Popeyes
So tell the bartender to keep it comin' with them drinks until you're crosseyed
My designated driver is drunk off Bacardi & Gin
So he won't make it to the Holiday Inn
But this shorty I'm with, her body's a ten
And if she can drive when she's bent
I'm probably gonna minagé her friends
Cause you shoulda seen how they was flirtin' with me by the bar
Had me feeling like a star when I got inside my car
One of em on each my arm and we did a lot of kissin
I just pray that I don't wake up in the morning with my wallet missin

[2nd Hook]

So if I'm talking to the women that you want
'My bad, I can't help myself'
If I'm trying to kick it to you and I'm messing up my words cause I'm drunk
'My bad, I can't help myself'
Fellas if you introduce me to your shorty and I'm looking at her naughty
'My bad, I can't help myself'
Ladies if we hook up & you gimme brain
And I still forget your name
'I'm sorry, I can't help myself.. my bad'

[Verse 3]

I'm just your typical American man
I'm both good & bad like a preacher with a beer in his hand
The ying & the yang
Devil with wings
Angel with fangs
President running a nation with dangerous plans
It's all the same if you understand the way we livin
People with good intentions hurt others just to fulfill em
From the hungry father robbing & stealin to feed his children
To the president waging war on a country for the buildings that were attacked
I sit back and stare at the sky
Pour a little liquor for the parents who died
In these days & times we need more American pride
So everyone rise to sports, drugs, and American pie
Beautiful cars, movies with stars, bootys & broads
Television, video games and nudie bars
My crew be large
And I'ma share my wealth
So when I express myself and I offend you
I can't help myself

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