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[Verse 1]

Late for bed early to rise, except for Tuesday
Racism disguised as curriculum in the school place
Everyone's a victim, including me in the worse way
Why am I writing this song in the first place?
Cause it's my life
And the words that are stirred are the curse we serve as we observe
But hey - we return the gift of it every birthday
Ticket or not, no exchanges
‘Give what you got’s’ the lone arrangement
But instead of swapping it, you’re supposed to sang it
It’s hard not to be anxious, I try to be gracious
But I feel incompatible, like I speak another language
No one understands, but they clap
Yell "ho!" and throw up they hands
I love my fans, but I think some don’t understand
This is my life
And they never will. You gotta stop it
They don’t care how the movie is made, they just wanna watch it
This audio commentary’s the part of your thoughts you bury
The audience wants its bare
Let the songs do the talking, hear me?

[Hook: Tone]

These are the sounds of the force running through my blood
Running through my veins
(Setting the music to my life)
And in the silence the thoughts come in tune like drums
Gunning through my brain
But I don’t wanna ride with it anymore
And I don’t wanna find what I wanna say
I just want a life on a steady floor
Why live this tug of war
I’d give it all away
Hey hey hey

[Verse 2]

And this is life
Bickering ex wife stripping me of my rights
Not letting me see my kid without a fight
What a life
I shoulda thought twice before I settled for stability
Even though I did what I thought was right but it was trife
The scorn after the storm was worse than all the lies
Cause it's like, I try but I get denied
Oh why are Murphy's laws so hard to defy
I put it in a song and it makes me feel alive
This is my life
And every flex of your lung to survive is a chime upon the wrist-watch of father time
Counting down the seconds
You’re on the clock, in essence
How come albums live forever?
Cause a part of you deposits on the record
So just watch just how you spend it
Times are hectic, minds are infected
Like zombies that aren’t dead yet, but on their deathbed
Writing is the artist’s solution to free tension
And tapping into it usually leads to learning a lesson
But not without the price of yearning & stressin'
Remembering the past
Why in the world would I wanna remember that?
I lock it up
And by the time it comes out I erupt
It’s almost as if this isn’t enough
What the f*ck?
Listen up! Stop questioning!
Come to grips with the realization
Your gift is the reason your pain’s not lessening
The strain you're now sensing from these days of mounting tension
Forms the same stocked up aggression that gains a crowd’s attention
The ‘Yin & yang’ without the emblem
It’s creation and destruction
Bring something to light, the darkness will try to reclaim it’s subjects
You’re an involuntary filter for the human experience
Because of you, they’ll know the truth as they’re hearing it
And here it is...


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