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"I Told You (Nonsense)"

(f*ckin idiot)
(Talk sh*t..)

Who in the f*ck wanna f*ck with the unf*ckwitable?
f*ck pitiful, that sh*t us unsubmittable
Dumb & miserable idiots act criminal
Until they catch an upper cut punch to the genitals
Rocking out and knocking out wind
If you keep talking like them how in the f*ck can you win?
I've had enough of these clones trying to trip
Like nobody listened when the Roots warned them back in 1996
Right before the game spiked & then it dipped
Then it climed again & flipped into something like when we were kids
When we rode the beat for kicks now we just
Manufacture hits to get rich
Ain't that a b*tch?
I'm exhausted
They don't even rap, they just talking
Sounds like someone's ghost writer is overcharging
You thought you got a bargain but that was jargon
You not a sargeant, and to top it off you sound retarded
I have to be frank
You act like your ass never stank
But you're wack and my tracks really bang
While yours tracks barely snap crackle or pop
They just flop
How are you a baller when you're standing at a bus stop?
With a bag of flyers
You're a pack of liars
I oughta smack you guys next time that I catch you lying
"I like it better when you're deep on the mic"
Ok well allow me to go balls deep in your wife
I kid! I kid!
Honestly, I wish that I did do sh*t like this
To get you p*ssed so you could quit
But regardless
All I do is c*ck it & fire with no specific target
But, trust me, somebody caught it
Aw sh*t
I told you I was sick of the nonsense
Now every time I talk I gotta bark on these pompus
Pricks who act as if they started this
On some ivey league Harvard sh*t
Yo, let's f*cking stomp this kid!
The end, of your career
Time to skip town
Thanks for redefining one hit wonders like Chris Brown
It's ok!
Remember just be non-confrontational, dude
And maybe this will never happen to you

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