"Mad Cowbell Disease"

My name is S O S
And I am so fresh
That you could quote this
To your neighbors cross the street
Cause I rock the beat
Go get props for me
Cause I know just what to do with a mic
And a flow that you like
Cause I know how to write
That's right
Your type is obsolete
Cause you not complete
Try not copying me
You suck
You should quit now
With your psuedo style just sit down
I'll show you just how to get down
And transform crowds into big clouds..
Don't get tripped out
This style is for over achievers
Who smokin on cheeba
Like nobody sees em
And for kids who lie to rock
With some tight hip hop
Try QN5 hip hop
Live hip hop
I spot dope beats from a distance
Then it gets intense
And I go in fresh
Yes, SOS is the best
In his region
So pledge your allegence
I mean it
Raise up your right palm
And face it straight towards a bright star
Now make it wave like a knight's sword
Up and down now I'm "Sir Nice Bars"
But just call me "S"
Just "S" cause that's what they call me
At shows and at parties
Unless they're a zombie
Zombies often come back to life
With no appetite
After I grab the mic
Damn, that's tight
At night's when I work while you sleep
But it works out for me
Cause I'm nocturnal personally
Every verse I complete
Is a masterpiece
And if you can't agree
Than you can have some weed
Actually, just have some
Just roll some smoke one then pass one
Over cowbells I'm sicker than Manson
And now you know that's the jam, son

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