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"IDA Commercial"

Your future is now, we are IDA
The Institute of Disposable Arts
Enroll today and embark on an exciting new career
In the fastest growing industry in the world
Our breathtaking 20 acre campus
Located in wonderful Upstate New York
Features plush comfortable dormitories
State of the art classrooms and training facilities
Our highly trained instructors will guide you
Through a challenging and exciting curriculum
In whichever field you choose to persue

We offer associates degrees in
DJing, breakdancing
Graffiti art and rapping
Or if you choose to work behind the scenes
You can embark on careers such as
A&R b*tch n*gga, Shiesty Label Guy
Street Promotions Vandal
Or Half-Assed Producer
You'll study Fake n*gganometry, Playa' Pimpology
Bling-blingism and Airplay Economics

Many IDA graduates have gone on to work for such labels as
Motown Universal, Warner Bros
Arista and Columbia Records to name a few
If you qualify, financial aid is available
Why waste another minute of your life?
Get your freak on, biatch
Enroll at IDA today, your future is now

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