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Life is wonderful (life is wonderful)
Life goes full circle (yeah, it goes full circle)
Life is wonderful (yeah, life is wonderful)

[Verse One]
Sometimes I hate everyone and everything
To the world itself
Even though I'm the portrait of health
And been blessed with many things
Cause when it seems life's beginning to take a splendid lead
Suddenly, everything tends to lean negatively
I used to feel my luck was bled from me at seventeen
Because ever since positive outcomes have been seldom seen
They tell me that bouts with doubt can self-fulfill prophetically
And that's prolly why John & Paul said that it's best to Let It Be
And I use to be the cat with plenty kinetic energy
Happy go lucky, Mr. Follow-Your-Dream-And-Set-It-Free
But over the years, son, I've been jaded to the Nth degree
I hate it, cause my sense of grief is blatant and my friends agree
See, people's selfish deeds lead to my bleak expectancy
(Like) If I catch the E, I never expect to see an empty seat
(Nice) But in typical fashion, this'll pass until my next defeat
Until I'm stressing deep and forced to beg and plea
Till then we'll sing


[Verse Two]
They say I'm a natural born pessimist
And that's f*ckin' wild
Must've come with my mother's smile and father's bullheadedness
I pull ahead and get pulled back, but I keep strugglin'
Son, I feel like I couldn't catch a break beat jugglin'
Still I reach upward and on, and proceed trudging along
As I lead these brothers in arms, to achieve what's in our hearts
But the scene's shrugging us off
I just remember that every dream comes with a scar
When I see something I want
When it seems nothing is wrong
I gotta keep telling myself to stop
Waitin' for the other foot to drop
Live in the moment
Sit on the throne and just take a look from the top
It's a whole other perspective to see the good that you got
Now, if it's an omen, quit with the moanin'
Don't let it push you to flop
That's like being spooked at the doc since you was a baby
Still shook from the shot
Don't imagine a tragic end to the book, when there's not
You gotta try to rewrite in spite of how crooked the plot


[Verse Three]
Now, when you go this long uphill, you lose the will to climb it
So I wrote this song to remind me of the silver linin'
In a world this wrong, gotta carry a sword that's strong
And slice 'em all with smiles
Y'all, I fight 'em as I kill with kindness
Nobody wants a Bitter Benny or a Debbie Downer
Or a Sad Sam that be wrapping a wet blanket around them
Keep a sunny disposition, breathe out
Cause life has a way of stripping the paint off of your dream house
It's simple, indeed these things seem to be easy to see
But they easily flee your mind as you find repeated deceit
Now, there's reasons the weak of will never dream or believe
Before they leap, they concede to defeat and agree to retreat
Now, when fatigue has really got you by the balls
Remember that if you really didn't believe you'd succeed
Then you wouldn't have tried at all
So, jump regardless of the consequence
Cause even on the night of the apocalypse
Everybody's an optimist

[Hook x2]

No matter how hard it seems
There's always someone in another position

So, when it rains, just hold on
When it's gray, just hold on
When there's pain, just hold on
When it rains
And when it rains, think dry skies
When it's gray, think bright lights
When there's pain, just smile, smile
When it rains

I know it seems everyday is a struggle to keep yourself outta trouble
This modern jungle is jumbled with muddled puzzles to stump you
And snipers gunning to stumble you
Like you've been hunted
Dude, how the hell are you telling us 'Life is wonderful'?
Some of you have come to conclusions/assumptions
But nothing as true or stunning
That misery becomes something that's comfortable
Trumping the will to shun it
Run from it if you're stuck in a rut or two
So, I figured I'd drum up something I could hum to you
(Like this)


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