Look at me. Look at you
Looking at me. Looking at you
Looking at me looking at me
Looking at you looking at you
Life’s a house of mirrors - I’m hooked to the view
I wipe em down to clear em - I’m pushing up through
A thousand idle copies of me smushed in a room
Bluer than Jonathan Osterman’s and I’m just as aloof
A crowd of identical twins I mistook as a crew
I found that I can’t count on myself, need onlooker approval
Let’s hammer it home, shatter my sense of self
A fragmented soul, I’m the emptiest shell
No courtesy from love - so I measure this wealth
In the currency of lust - and I'm spending it well
I’m your heaven or hell. Echoed sentiments swell
As you beg me to mention your name, heckle and yell

Girls in their dresses worshiping mirrors
Live for the spotlight won't you come near us
Boys serve as minions, ready to serve as the
Cameras give life to the death on the surface

It’s all about me

Come with us
f**k a thousand words I could spend it on one picture
Plunge to drown your thirst and pretend I'm a mug - sip up!
Drunken off the curves, till you’re bent into submission
Listen! Your thumbprint is a drug to our numbed senses/
In love with our reflection - it’s us! It’s an obsession -
We’re stuck - in the sum of our ourselves
Publish the self as something to sell, an addiction to wishing that we were somebody else
Now, if you follow along, well then you can follow me back
If you’ve got me all in your paws, you’re within the palm of my hand/
If you got a comment, then all of it better be positive -
Act up and you will be barred - I am God and this pixel facade is my chapel
The rapture within an app, I read your responses and laugh
Please throw your hearts in the basket, scream to all that you tapped it then pass it along
Authors of captions craft me a psalm - like I am an icon
Refreshing! I'm a symbol of my status

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