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"Competitive Nature"

I want to win. At all costs
Till every son of a b*tch that snubbed the kid is long gone
And every f*cking sin on my bucket list is crossed off
I’m an all-star on a loaded roster that got off to a false start
But then stalled in the wrong ballpark, Had a major shot, played to a strong draw
But I was X’d out. Probable Kaws? Art
I ain’t just good, kid, I’m the top dog with a loud bark
When I want a moment of silence… I’ll ask you what my flaws are
And in the end, n*ggas post up frozen like Narduwar
Rock star with the flow! Poser bros get exposed
As popular frauds who can only come with an image like Don Jon
Sharkeisha. Period, When there’s blood in the water, I drop jaws
An ensemble that’s authentic
Cast as non-credited extras in the Hip Hop doc*mentary yawn-a-thon
I’m here to re-edit, embed it with everything QN5 is on
Preventive measures are taken, so there’s a bar lost
My competitive nature’s mistaken for hate, I caught y’all
Big fish in a small-pond n*ggas singing our
Swan song
Isn’t this typical? It’s all our fault
Witness the business move as they outlaw salt
When favors were called on, in a pinch, that’s all y’all brought to the mix
So now history is just false by default
With the industry’s trickery now them broad lies is bought
But the sense of vengeance within me’s killing me, I oughta find the resolve to let it go

There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done
There’s nothing you can win that can’t be won
Don’t want it anymore, so I gotta let it go

There’s nothing you can sing that can’t be sung
There’s nothing you can bring that can’t be brung
Don’t want it anymore, so I gotta let it go of my competitive nature
I gotta let it go of my competitive nature
I can’t make you love me - no!
I gotta let it go of my competitive nature
I gotta let it go of my competitive nature

See, everybody wanna be the best - but do none of the work
Leave you to cook dinner then come for the desert
Well there’s nothing they can do that I can’t, but that doesn’t work in reverse
Ain’t another person on earth this versatile when I turn a verse
I let Polymer serve the purpose to further confirm these terms, but it won’t -
Cause sheep think everyone is the GOAT - ya heard?
And the herd has heard of me, but they never heard me and it’s tragic
This urban legend gets censored –press has cursed me with a past
And I’m banned, because the word “veteran” is the dirtiest in rap/
And then with my level of longevity - I never tire when I kick the facts
They reinvent the wheel – Auto-Tune it to fix the flat
Here's a single comparison - Let’s mix and match –
Now dig the pattern: When they get to smoke, they’ll take 2 hits and pass
But by the metronome, n*ggas’ll get two clicks and gasp
With no breath control, Now they’re a vegetable
These pus*y liars get put on a pedestal, Expect that Tone average 6 bars in a breath
And it’s a spectacle, sh*t’s off the wall, like it was a Pettis blow
Tell me you heard somebody better, bro! Now dead it, yo
The best technical rapper alive! What do I gain from it?
I’ll comfortably say, “Nothing” when it comes to the paying public
If someone with cake does it, it’s suddenly gangbusters
So, f*ck who you name, buddy, who’s buzzing’ll change dozens
Of times, in a case study – if one of us gains love
We’re divided, we chase money and become what we hate for something we like

I used to watch these awards shows with tears in my eyes
Cause I was supposed to be there in my mind
And here were these guys who’d appear overnight, that’d be stealing my shine
And I had spent so many years of my time, recording and performing
And writing lyrics since 9, sh*t my career was my life
Failure was death, son I’d only disappear if I die
We’re talking serious drive - off of a cliff
No partner assist or inept investors who'd be steering him wide
Y'all hearing them rhymes? sh*t's clearly a crime – they’re scarier live
So, when some other peer would get signed
It would spear me inside, stressed and depressed behind the veneer of my smile
But I had to face the facts so let me put a mirror to mine
See, my fear is to lay - in a coffin, After I’d accomplished
Only a fraction of my thoughts and feel cheated of all my progress
So cheer me on till the funeral. Here we are in the rawness:
See those that have what you want, did what you knew could do
But couldn’t cause it wouldn’t be true to you
You don’t wanna make music for douchey dudes? Then do whatever suits you - it's cool
But the proof’s in the putting, you moved in them shoes
[HARDCORE] The most brutal music is fueled by the truth
If there’s an improvement in you - money who in the f*ck is you losing to?
So, test your limits and pursue the goals that you control
The only assertion about winning sh*t that you should know -
Is success will determine if you're driven or delusional

[\\\---BROKEN ARROW-->]

Broken arrow good for nothing when there's nothing left to slay
Let these torn and tattered close impose their stories on the stains
Oh, they're aiming for me now
They want proof I know my way around a bow & arrow
Let these torn and tattered close impose their stories on the stains

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