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Unkle Adams

"Industry Snakes"

[Verse 1]
I'm really stressed
Really, what a mess this is
My thoughts need a rest
But I'm full of restlessness
Jaded from the gang
Feeling like a pessimist
My money's gone
Other rappers sayin' "Check the wrist!"
Full of diamonds
I'm in not the same sitch'
So here I sit
With a wicked bone to pick
With these snakes
Let me lay it out for you
All you people who think my brain flew the coop
I had a manager take 4,000 from me
Then cross the Pacific into another country

His buddy said he'd get me into TV and film
Well, my music, at least
Until his pockets were filled
But guess what, they got paid and I did not
Guess I'm used to it now
What a sickening thought
Young rappers
Never give your money away
To music Industry Snakes
That promise you fame
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