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"Sing for the Moment Freestyle"

Fat Joe
Hold ontop
Web Nitty
Lets go
f*ck with me for a minute
DJ On Point
50 Cent: And you know why his names on point, because he on point pus*y

Verse 1
Now first thing's first motherf*cker, I don't know you
And lets put it in the air get it clear that I don't owe you
Nobody wants to start of from scratch with they own Pro Tools
They'd rather blow you, bring you to places you don't go to
The bad guy, because I refuse to remain local, or beef with the people I say no too, cause I'm the focal
I don't deal with you dudes who seem to think that I got my deal out the blue
Four years ago sh*t I was feelin' like you
With five bucks to my name, rips and tears in my shoes
Borrowin' outfits, no food starvin' that's mouse sh*t
But now that mouse on, n*gga's act like the kitchen oven, didn't used to keep the whole house warm, I was without ohh
I ain't accept my flaws, beggin' the dealer for a hit, like please just accept my shorts
Nothin' mine except for my draws, they pegged me a loss, misguided, kid hopeless, they misquoted motherf*ckers

Sing with me, sing for the year
Sing for the laughter and sing for the tear
Sing with me, if it's just for today
Maybe tomorrow the good Lord will take you away

And A ohh ohh ohh
Walk with me

Verse 2:
The white folk, see my truck, start reactin' liking, get surprised, when yeah its a black kid driving
Thumbs up, now they start yakin, vibrant, asking me how'ss the traction they was interested in buyin'
Hood see me in it, say I don't deserve it, I'm not worth it, shouldn't have it, they should jack it
They think I'm flossing, with the windows down starin' at folks, you motherf*cker, Joey sharin' the hope
And why in the mall, they eyein me for, like I stole items before, tah, n*gga I could buy this store
And why when I'm walkin in the bank, tryin to get my good house and my mortgage and they think that I'm fraudulent
Think I can't afford it when the pores of my skin are dark and I'm a young buck, they think I got young bucks
Dumb f*cks, so ignorant, think I only came to run muck, make me wanna resort to my ways somewhat
They say you soft when you move out the hood, so my goal is to make all of my loved ones punks
My pop, my mother, my son, his mother, my girl, my brother my entire squad, we'll be soft from afar
Haters wanna shoot me and graise me blocka
Caused I'm from the hood, but my mumma raised me proper
And if you hate Joey then you hatin the best
You hate yourself, you hate growth, hate success
Thinking of the hands on in the hallway cyphers
And I thank God, he knows he wasn't always like this
It gets better the more he guides us
You can tell cause the haters didn't always dislike us

Dj on point Joe Budden the worst of Joe budden
Hook 2

Is this what you want

Verse 3:
Joey offerin' substance
Without a mood or mind altering substance
That no longer alters my substance
I'm thankful for every single fan that I get
And just think, years ago, sh*t I was planning to quit
But nah, I'll keep troopin' it, for y'all at tripple dub Joebudden.com that type "Joey keep doin' it"
Yall who though we wouldn't see shine in Jerz, for the kids that idolize me, just cause I can rhyme words
For y'all struggling, I know its hard getting by
For dude that said Calm Down, helped him stop getting high
For the gangstas, hustlers, mobsters that move weight
For dudes that followed Jumpoff from the first Clue tape
For all the credit that I'm not used ta, for the people saying I'm the future, thank you
Y'all help a n*gga make it through the fake sh*t, even do it for the haters, you too can make it
For my n*ggas on the corner, giving me pounds and sh*t, for all the teachers said Joey wouldn't amount to sh*t
My mommy at my video shoot, she crying and all, for little man with the marker saying sign my ball
For all my true fans, all the people that support me, the people that adore me, when they could have ignored me
Thinking of Lincoln High, in the hallway cyphers, and I thank God, he knows it wasn't always like this

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