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"Bone to Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy)"

[Verse 1]
Flatbush boy cruising Sheepshead Bay
His boardwalk mama just a sniff away
Underground DMT, riding thunder train
The Coney Island white fish boy is on the run again

[Verse 2]
Ooh, running with the pack
Ooh, and never looking back
Ooh, know's just where he's been
That Coney Island white fish boy's
Been there and back again

[Verse 3]
16 years with his boardwalk queen
And at steeplechase, she used to wet his dreams
She combs her hair, that flaming jewel
Streaked with Clorox bleach
Coney getting down and dirty
Snorting up the beach

And she'd be screaming (Coney)
And she'd be dreaming (Coney)
Go get them Coney

[Guitar Solo]

(Coney) bone to bone screaming
(Coney) she be screaming (Coney)
Yeah, yeah, yeah

In town
Get back in town
Get back, a get down
Get back in town
She'd be screaming (Coney)
Best believe it (Coney)

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