"Street Jesus"

[Verse 1]
Hey have you heard the news?
Somebody stole my shoes
And I can smell the booze
How indiscreet
And though I had a plan
After that thief outran
Into another man
Who had no feet
I swear to god that day
That guy with no feet say
"You got to walk my way"
"That's how it's planned"
That's when I thought, "good grief"
J-Just ain't my belief
Until I saw the holes
Inside his hand

[Chorus 1]
Street Jesus
Street Jesus

[Verse 2]
Come on, come on, what you think about life?
Demon in heaven gotta carry a knife
You said to me, "no, that ain't the plan"
With a smile on his face and the holes in his hand
Wise man tell ya what they're reading from a scroll
But things kinda change when the story gets told
They tell it like it is to everybody they meet
Just to sing it in the church what they're preaching in the street
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