Infamous Mobb
Thugged Out
Yeah, Infamous, Mobb, yeah

(Verse 1: Twin Gambino)
You see I'm stress in the pres(ent)
Because of the life I live
I'm tired of seeing my n***as going up north, doing bid
Always stupid as a kid, ain't got a cold for fist
Trippin' with one in the head and two clips
Poppin' sh*t because your man got hit
But you don't really f**k with
Ain't that some sh*t but it's f**ked up
Always got to struggle to survive and stay alive
But I can't understand why my brother had to die
Over some action and sh*t
Makes me wonder, if i will go
Will it came upon straight up my nose
But I was raised up (What)
As a little f**k (f**k)
So What, when you see me you better duck (duck)
Or get what is up kid, you n***a hang it up
Or shut your mouth because your rhymes ain't ill enough
(Verse 2: Prodigy)
Ayyo we thuggin' out, robbin' you out for pictures
Splashin' your face, gunnin' you down with missiles
Scuffin' you up, f**kin' you up for real dunn
It's gruesome how we do em, leave em half dead
The other half wishing he would have died
Storm n***as like insects for that sh*t
Left bloody like a haemophilia cut
We not giving a f**k when it's time to dump
We even lump some n***a for them lonesomes
Most n***as rather fight but I prefer guns
Bandanas wrapped around my head cause I gangbang
Infamous, be the only sets that I claim
Queensbridge til death do us all, we reign
Catchin' dogs, maxing chains, you ain't got the strenght
??? don't shake me
You ain't crazy, you ain't crazy, don't try to play me

(THUGGED OUT) with the guns
Move the crowd dunn
Let's pop one
Y'all n***as don't want none
Guzzling gangs out
Busting these b*t*hes out
Holding you out without a doubt son
(Verse 3: Germ A.K.A. General G)
Thugged out for the clip, for them n***as that die
On the streets, hustling to survive
Pop one in the sky
For the cops who bomb rush when the jakes rush
The spot by surprise, pop one in the sky
???, ready to jokes, criminal crooks
Get your box shook
Prepare for the meniscus to medicine
Infamous attack like
Wild life animal in Africa
Jungle basis, guerrilla warfare
Can taste it, til I was poor
Runnin' to my check thirsty
For mobb music, abuse this dunn
We look to your mouth with my gun
Take em to cover, cause your dealing with thugs motherf**ker

(Verse 4: Big Noyd)
This is for the thugs, true thugs, take this in blood
Everything around me surround the sh*t I love
Like my music, up in all club, signing all slugs
Gangster type thugs style, fit like a hand in a glove
Refer me for chewing your kitty
I pray the henny will take me on this state of serenity
QB misery, we live for the moment
My thoughts travels on it
The mind is deep like a vision
Religion Christian Roman
Where ice that keep leaking, dripping, bleeding ???
Thug music, overdose sh*t
Take your dose of this sh*t
We thugged out ???
(Verse 5: G.O.D. Father Pt. III)
Thugged out, bugged out
Infamous we on the wrong route
Up in the benz ??? about to pray ???
Queens resident, infinite ???

(Verse 6: Ty Nitty)

(Verse 7: Havoc)

(Verse 8: A.Dog)

(Verse 9: A.M.M.O.)