Infamous Mobb
Mobb Niggaz
"We be the Infamous" - Prodigy (repeated throughout intro)

[Intro: Prodigy]
You know, ever since I could remember I wanted to be a gangsta
Them real gangstas that is, them Mobb n***as
Them killers that moved in silence, them round table n***as
But when I think back, them gangstas around my way
There was this one n***a that went by the name of...

[Godfather Pt. III]
The God motherf**kers get scarred with no bars
Hold animal n***as that go to war with a vengeance
All you gotta do is mention the click, and that's that
Reconstruct your whole thought, with bloodsport force
All y'all off course n***as get shook back in place
I pop heavy, we Rock Steady, shots to your face
From a place where I was thought always hold mine, so I'mma hold this
We the Infamous, continous hits
Of nothin but that raw street, ghetto sh*t
Pah, we kill dogs to the death, lay n***as to rest
Drink Henny cold best, f**k bein the best
I peel through chest, 'till I see your flesh
Eat your heart, and spit it out, I could give a f**k less
Get stuck up in some sh*t, that you know you gon' regret

"We be the Infamous" - Prodigy (repeats throughout interlude)

[Interlude: Prodigy]
This some crazy sh*t
Yeah that's right, you know
We talkin that real criminal sh*t
N***as like that is hard to come by
They don't make n***as like that everyday man
And now that I'm thinkin, I can remember this other n***a
Aiyyo, this is a gangsta, this is a real gangsta n***a right here

Bandana P, Banana Clip P
E'rybody move back, it's 'bout to get ugly
They try and sh*t on me like I ain't a made n***a
I ain't gotta send soldiers, I hit n***as
Bang your head off, big respect like the name Xerox
Run b*t*h, I'm airin out your blid-ock
N***as get shot f**kin with me, of course
You a rap n***a, I'm a crime boss
I'm a full bread, full-fledged Mobb n***a
I Pledge alliegance to my Infamous flag, n***as get tagged
And bagged, for comin at my familia
This ain't the Roc n***a, we ain't them faggot a** n***as
It's just that gangsta sh*t, from the world's most dangerous click
That walk any pavement, I do what the f**k I feel
Say what the f**k I want
These n***as be bitin' they tongue
"We be the Infamous" - Prodigy (repeat to fade)

[Outro: Prodigy]
Yeah, ok, uh-huh, ok
Die by whatever, knowI'msayin?
Whatever, sh*t man
All my dogs, all my Mobb dogs, man
Gambino, the Godfather, that n***a Bandana P
Uh-huh, Banana Clip P, H-a-v-o-c Havoc
Ty Nitty, one time, Ty Nitty
It's that Mobb sh*t, Ron Gotti
You know? Bars N Hooks Bars N Hooks
Littles, Cormega, it don't get more gangsta than that, boy
Rapper Noyd, y'all n***as ain't ready
B12, you heard? KnowI'msayin dunn?
I could teach you about this sh*t right here, man
KnowI'msayin? We got history, man
We go back, man, this ain't no game, n***a
Oh hell no, I'm sayin, this sh*t just throw together, man
We put out the world, hell no, we blood, sweat and tears
This sh*t's the real