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"Miss Lady"

[Verse 1 - Deacon The Villain]
She’s caught up in liposucts and tummy tucks
And tried all that tae-bo stuff for chunky guts
Monkey stuff, focusing on the wrong, worry I might be long
Cause girlie, she was a walking song
Behind that Revlon, beautiful skin
A n*ggas breath gone, touching it when chillin
Amongst spirits in her bedroom
She think I think she crazy like she maybe she flying on red brooms
No miss lady, you got a baby now it’s all gravy
Things about your past, though they left you in slavery
Can she escape? and be emancipated
Harnessed to random hatred thats made her this crowds favorite
Is she too long gone to a world that’s foul flagrant?
It can’t be cuz that’s one hell of a smile, ain't it?
Nice pearls under trimmed eyebrows, couldn’t share with the class we was a side crowd
I wish she knew she was beautiful now
Her vanity mirrors her fears as tears waterfall down
And as the Niagara grabs her, shortly after you can capture her madness laughter
Pretty as the sky birds have mastered
Pretty as her for sure, as her makeup mask up
Beauty already now that is there on a pasture(like black beauty, the horse?) ya’ll hush
I think im’a bout to ask her, what’s the rush?

What’s the rush? x3
What's the rush miss lady?
Come on miss lady
Miss lady x4

[Verse 2 - Mr. S.O.S.]
She’s a drama queen, just turned legal thinking she’s not a teen
Exploring the party scene, not quite allowed to drink
But she does, and you see her when it’s ‘ladies night,’ the crazy type
Looking for a man to have a baby by
What’s the rush? You can’t even drink but you drunk
So if you get pregnant, where’s the trust?
If he got you drunk illegally
Miss lady, think if that’s the way that you want your seeds to be
Sad and mistreated, she.. won’t listen
Ignoring both questions
Accepting drinks from men expecting affection
Miss lady wants a baby but ain’t ready for the pain involved
You can tell by the TP in her training bra
Life ain’t easy but she made it hard
Sleazy and her face is all powdered up like the people at her favorite bar
Bearin’ innocence, if she leaves now she’ll take it all
With her if she stays it’ll wither til the shape is off balance
Like her relationship with her parents
They should have loved her and helped her reach her talents
But they didn’t, they made her feel like she was forbidden to do anything
So she thought about everything and did it
Or tried to, not realizing that she was lied to
Miss lady you’re a stranger to the person inside you
And so am I, but that’s not an invitation to pucker up
Has anybody ever asked you, what’s the rush?


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