"Never Know Why (instrumental)"

Things just ain't like they used to be
Things sure ain't like they used to be

[verse 1: Deacon]
Put her out in the cold, didn't want her close to he
'Cause his granddaughters diffrent than she suppose to be
Diluted her genes, its stopped the music it seemed
That they'd only seen polluted stream, and that wasn't clean
Said he could almost no longer stand the breath
From this pure horror, more worse than Amittyville
So what's next? Don't answer me yield. (yup)
This is a normal occurance, not something randomly real
Ain't even allowed visits ove a child's pigment
His in-crowd ignant, a situation "wow!" isn't it?
Hard times, baby daddy grinds to support
His mother and a few other friends privately in her fort
For short stays, ya know? but more aid was needed
Baby is like a year and a half now and speaking
More than I can say about that man with his child
They can't even come face to face and share smiles
Raining pure pain on her life by staying distant
Like she spawned a f**king anti-christ or a satan infant
Blatent mentions about family blood won't leave
Love's her deeply, but evil sends it's opposite feed
"old fashioned"
Too ever set in his ways to ever relate
If he could just set it aside, there'd be heaven to pay
Then, weathered and aged time swept him to grave
Love conquers all? sh*t. I'd say that areas grey
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