"Learn to adapt to the change
Or get washed away like tears in the rain, in the rain y'all"

[Mr. SOS]
The saddest thing I ever learned is relationships don't last
Or maybe I just feel that way cause of my past
Bad memories get to me when I drink mad Hennessey
Feeling cold and alone even when I got mad friends with me
I'll still see something that reminds me of her
I got so used to her that without her my mind is a blur
She found somebody quick. I won't find another for a while
She was about to be my wife and mother of my child
It's crazy how you can have your life arranged
And the day you get engaged you notice she's acting strange
Like everything's changed and suddenly you don't trust her just the same
Then you find out some other man's been f**kin out her brains

That's when your heart starts to feel the pain
So much that you can feel it in your veins and you can't forget her name
That's when you literally go insane
And you feel like you're so sad you make it rain and then a song plays that says

Wise Men say, "It looks like rain today"
Crackled on the speakers
Trickle down the sleepy subway train

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