"616 Rewind"

Yo, first I sprinkle the verse
By addin' words, rhymes
Flippin 'em in a verse with lines
Then I'mma hit 'em disperse rhyme venom
And then I'mma split 'em in half
Feelin' my wrath
Venturin' through parts of the South so dirty
You'll want to be given a bath

It'll take pathological liar to deny that I'm nice
And the truth hurts (ow)

Wearin' a blue shirt the best buy for the price
To get six guys this live and nice on the mic
So don't diss us because we're fly
Until you try what it's like
I'm liable to slice at these emcee b*st*rds
Leaving their knees fractured
Needin' every piece of their teeth re-crafted [Do it to 'em]
So don't front cause I see past it
You're harmless like Wolverine's adamantium claws
When they're retracted [ching*]
If the scene's backlit
Or seems static, we'll wreak havoc
We'll beat batter to keep rappin'
A leech battle, a dream shatterer
For three nanoseconds [damn]
Count your paces, one step to Tonedeff
You're Gone in Sixty Seconds like Nicholas Cage is

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