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"Ain’t No Way"

There ain't no way {*repeat 8X*}

They don't understand, they do not f*ckin' understand
The sh*t is serious, it's like, I'm not gonna let
I'm not gonna...
There ain't no way, I'mma let any motherf*ckers
There ain't no way I'mma let a motherf*cker hold me down
There ain't no way, I'mma let em tell me that I'm not..
Yo there ain't... yo check it out

[Mr. SOS]
There ain't no way I'mma let it happen, I'm stayin' to myself
Playin for my health
Relayin mesages that I felt
On the course of my life, till I'm divorced with my life
The plans to be stable enough to have two dogs and a wife
Since I was offered my life, I tried to make the best of it
And make it stand out until Mother Nature's digested it
With the sense to beware of death
But strength to not be scared of death
You don't understand that, then you really not prepared for death
Doc*ment that and learn it
I've been a hermit while twistin' that green like Kermit my team like burnin'
I'm from where chicks think they're too super to hear rappers bustin
And act like they're all that after liposuction
Radio sucks like sl*ts when they like corruption
And haters be so full of sh*t they need lip reductions
This is somethin' not for commerical radio
But any person's radio that's out there searching every show
For sick flows to sick beats
This where that sh*t be
And if I spot you like Mackenzie, I'll pop you like Popinski
Chop you up like minced meat
Toss you where the fish be
And leave your teeth marks where my fist be if you diss me
Listen and respect
I'm Mr. SOS
And I ain't takin' no shorts n*gga, I'm quittin' cigarettes
From the south
A true Cuba-Rican reachin' your standards
And what you really have to understand is
There ain't no way

[Hook: Anetra]
There ain't no way to take us out
I told y'all don't sleep on the South
No way {*repeat 9X*}

[DJ Kno]
Ain't no way, they just... hehe, they just ain't gettin' it
Plain and clear they ain't gettin' it, step away, you gotta undersand it

[Deacon the Villian]
Yo, I've been done wrong, fronted on, told that I'll never make it
People have dissed my songs and underestimated
All the attacks have been steroids makin' me stronger
Like dyin' from polygraph test shocks you couldn't be wronger
Motherf*ckers wanna play around I recommend Tonka
n*ggas thinkin' sh*t's sweet watchin' too much Willy Wonka
I don't really want the fame I wanna gain respect
Block my path and I'll make a passin' lane through your neck
I'm tired, frustration got me wired to blow
One reason I'm quick to drink or fire the dro
The harder crass pull me down, then the higher I go
There ain't too many musicians who ain't dealt with liars before
So I, flow wise, stay awake like a coke high
My words my, James Bond, watch you with my Gold-Eye
Dealin' with snakes thinkin' they so sly
Most of them is pussies but have never been between a ho's thighs
You can hold my, di*k, if you really want a piece of me
Biters illegally, tryin' to tap into my frequency
Hopin' they'll be seein' me, art I've created recently
And then they use all my sh*t in battles when they beef with me
b*tch, here's your collar and your bone
Not even gonna dog y'all
Stay in the backyard where you belong
Only worthy of being a topic in a song
Everything that ain't right, kill it, you dead wrong
There ain't no way {*repeat 8X*}

[Hook] + (Deacon)
There ain't no way (That I'mma take an L)
There ain't no way (That I'mma go to jail)
There ain't no way (The cops gonna make me tell)
There ain't no way (I'll see you all in hell)

[DJ Kno outro]
Mr. S.O.S., Deacon the Villian, DJ Kno rockin' the f*ckin' beat
Ain't nothin' else really to that we have to say...
Except there ain't no way, hehe yo

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