"Hellfire (instrumental)"

I am the god of hellfire and I bring you (x2)

"Fire!" Hellfire can't scorch me (x 4)
I'll see you burn

[Verse:1] Natti
"Fire!" Not obtained by propane or lighter
Not a man gone' contain these flames they burn higher yell
"Fire!" and it's not on the roof, it's in the booth
Then spreads from the stage to the youth
Who all root for more
"Fire!" you can smell it in your clothes and your nose
See a hater closing his nose we closing the doors
They gotta bounce, cause I learned
Where there's smoke there's fire
Similar to the streets, where theres spokes theres tires
Keep rollin like X poppers, see them flames
They gone need dental records to retrieve them names
Of course the sheer force'll scorch upon contact
Zippo flow, here we go, let's all c*ck back and "Fire!"


[Verse:2] Deacon
"Fire"! melt Antarctica down
Evict polar bears, help bring art to the sound spit
"Fire!" like lit cigarette in dry leaves
Goodbye, leave, or die whenever yo eyez see
"Fire!" that burns like a wound with a pool of liquor
Running through it like a molten river
Imagine hell like it's a motion picture
Hopeless folks roastin like it's a joke but sicker
Trying living with "Fire!"
Not like water in mixed dranks
Forget rank, when enemies challenging this tank
"Fire!" murder, death, kill with the grill
You've heard the best, don't sit still as you feel this
"Fire!" folks catch chills off the skill it's
The Vill, ill will, liquefy shields with
"Fire!" too late to secure the perimeter
It'll enter ya soul you can't control the limits of
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