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"Sunrise / Sunset (street)"

[Deacon the Villain]
Life is unusually beautiful
But sometimes I feel so unsuitable and it drowns out what's musical
And then I just find myself drinkin' and thinkin'
Making no turns yet my signal is blinkin'
Feeling bad cause no judge is giving me 10
Breaking rules to get up out of the deep end
On the verge of having trouble begin
Drama never leavin'
Hot! is the weather where I'm from
Hot! is situations that come
Hot! is how people get when
They're stuck in a pit, world not giving a sh*t
Life is suppose to be beautiful, but it's a crucible
Turning me into a person brutal who's
Psychodependant on, money b*tches drugs
Funny business stuff, can I give it up?
Yes I love, to get paid, get laid
Get drunk, get high, but then I hear kids cry
Saying that they need a model to follow
But I still find a liquor bottle to hollow

Sitting on the dock of the bay wasting time
Insecurities tingle racing up my spine
Facing crime in an eye to eye, head to head
Thinking of how to get dough to bread, keep roses red
I realize that my life is composed of
The actions I take combined with the feelings I hold but
Sometimes negativity molds a, heart from it's start is
Just trying to get over
But you can't let it fold tha, soldier
That from it's inception, needn't lucks blessing from clovers
Cause when it fights, it strikes, it slices, it bites
From morning to night, back through darkness to light
It's office is yo life, builds a fortress that's tight
You can call it Christ or whatever you like
But to ignore it is yo right, you deal your will
You reap what you sew, you till your field
But post battle, who will - heal - your shield
So many vices you can sacrifice, kill and grill
Cause you gotta see that the world will confuse you
With abused clues
I flip through news
And see that the world's a treasure chest of misuses jewels
Who can't maintain... from sunrise, to sunset.. they face pain
Their used to blue skies got grey stains
And are surrounded by friends who got snake fangs
But you gotta block it
Don't avoide it, destroy it, throw it up in a box and then lock it
Cut power when docs try to shock it
Cause that ain't the sh*t you should welcome your block with


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