"The Park (Fresh Air) (instrumental)"

(Verse 1)
The park bout to pop like fish grease
Full to the gills like a hooked up six piece
With a biscuit, on the spot like a fresh toupee
For sunshine on a fresh blue day
Gents breaking out they fresh new jays to match hats
Ladies with their best doo laid and relaxed like
The children skippin rope, double dutch chantin
Miss Marry Mack dressed in black hands clappin
Sweet Cadillacs with their back sub slappin
Puppy love couples, cuddled with their clothes matchin
Cops passin harrass and tail ya
Sometimes pull your ass over just to tell ya

(Verse 2)
Our failures, amongst the rose and azalea
Yall congregating like Martin King in Selma
Just trying to have a good time like James or Thelma
My cousin bangin Pac, my mama singin Mahalia
Feels good today, all the hoods dismay
Is outshined by what coming together could equate
Through my locs, see my Kynfolk that stood with me
Daytons spokes, crown on leather and wood displays
My queens dressed for impressin, that's God sendin blessins
Hot like the West End, Icebox on the FM
We need this, more than Playboy needs Hef and
More that your lungs need breaths of
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