"The Gates (Blue remix)"

Tell the Reverend Harris to pray for me, Lord
I ain't gonna live
I don't believe I'm gonna live to get much older

Lights out, so peaceful, stressless
Things used to seem so restless
Forgive me please, see I need to address this
Just haven't been this breathless since I met this
Woman who lept into my life when I was reckless
Mothered my blessed kid, but was destined to exit early
Guess you can say I've been blessed with the best gifts
Reminiscing, holding her neckless in my clenched fist
Ha, it's funny how we move in sudden directions
Dedicated my life to the public's protection
Never remarried cause love's an investment
Besides, I had a baby girl to worry about
That would struggle to blend in
Now as I think, a weightlessness is interrupting my senses
A pulsing tension carries my very frame
I rise up in ascension - WAIT!
I try to escape, but I arrive at these gates
I see a figure standing guard who invites me to pray

I've tried it all
At the gates of Hell
I'm going to lay
Down, down
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