"Hypnopomp (Epilogue) f. Bianca Spriggs"

[Bianca Floyd]
Life is but a dream
Once, two sons were born to Nyx
Goddess of night and Hypnos, god of sleep
The eldest was Morpheus, who lived in the visions of dreamers
Rising to his calling meant someone must abandon all other paths
For the prospect of greatness

Thus heroes and kings called Morpheus "the Destiny Bringer;"
To accept his gift required impossible risk
And loneliness in the midst of adoration
But to deny him: madness

Then there was Phobetor whom they called "the Dread Crawler"
For he dwelled only in nightmares
And fed on the acrid fumes of human fear
A shapeshifter, he appeared as the manifestation of terror
Forcing a choice between the path of uncertainty
And the path of mediocrity

To meet Phobetor's gaze required great courage;
To look away: shame
Only in the grey hour, in the moments of shadow and light
Will the balance of power dangle
Between the Destiny Bringer's favour
And the Dread Crawler's wrath
Only there between waking and sleep
Will we recognize our true path
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