"Falling Down [Deluxe Edition]"

But I was nearly crazy
And I was clearly crazy

[Deacon the Villain]
On I-85 North, going nowhere
Would hit the 400, but I ain't got money for the toll there
Traffic backed up ahead of me, I see the road flares
School bus on my right, kids laughin' with brown and gold hair
Replaying conversations in my head by my ex-wife
From the house work that I did, to the kids, even our sex life
She said I was crazy so I threatened to prove her dead-right
So she got court orders, restraining me, put on the red lights
Frustrated, thinking how the f**k could I clean it up
Traffic stopped, about 1000 degrees in my truck
Loosened my tie, wiped the sweat out of my eyes, mixed with tears
Mind thick with fears, I've lost everything that I done built for years
Bright yellow school bus f**king up my limbo
Kids b*t*hin', cussin', flickin' boogers upon my window
Start rolling it down for some air and the handle breaks
Kick my door open, dive out, feeling some escape

"We said vows and sh*t, that sh*ts' for life right?!
Yeah, that sh*t's until death, death...
That sh*t can be mended
But that b*t*h don't be listening to me!
She'll prolly throw a f**king fit and sh*t!
I'ma go there that b*t*h is gonna listen to me
She'll see I'ma fix this sh*t, f**k THAT!"
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