"Dirty Acres [Deluxe Edition]"

(Verse 1 - Deacon)
Ice cube said laugh now, cry later
It's sad to see us livin like that till pine's laid up
Not straight up about death or missteps
No regrets, just weed, sex, worldly patterns
I miss Vatos and Bless, i miss my sister
The other day my n***a was stabbed to death
I laughed with step bout holy scripture
Holdin blunts bigger than his casket, growed amongst grass unkept
Still smokin, bet he's still blowin
Singin with sam cooke bout a change comin as we keep pourin
Liquor out for those that passed
It's killin our livers because we dyin so fast
Low on cash, who ain't? ain't no jobs
Either you slang and make music or you detail cars
Ya cut hair, ya sell clothes or you live on charge
I barely got enough bread to give a cell phone bars
f**k puttin bars on paper, there's bars in face of
Half my n***as, spark the garcia vegas and ride country
I'll be damned if they stealin my pride from me
f**k the world, i ain't destined to die hungry

The lies, the pain, the truth, the hurt
The music, the soul, it's all in the dirt
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