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"Never (f. Big Rube) [Deluxe Edition]"

When life is just a memory...
All I ask is you remember me...
We so scared to face our history...
How will we replace that energy... (If I may...)

(As long as we are, we can never die)

We can never die, no no no no no no, no no

Hip hop is immortal, it survived many attacks
And many wars using our minds eyes to part 'em
Folding the spaces between generations and races
So that we can come closer through the struggle
It's easy to move muscle, arms, skin and sinew
Movement of the mind is the type of grind I'm into
So I kick the mental, over sick instrumentals
Make respect with the pimps, and never flex with the stencil
I'm in love with the art form, It still keeps my heart warm
Presented with the most virtuous intent but in a hard form
They say hip hop is dead, assassinated by n*ggas
But on the charts I read, all the hits was by n*ggas
There's no surrealer drama, they wanna steal it from ya
Take her out to a field in the woods
But we ain't gon' let 'em kill the hood
Can't kill it with a pistol, can't beat it with your chain
Can't crush it with your rims, but you can save it with your pain
As long as we breathe, hip hop gon' breathe with us
As long as we real, folk can't help but feel us
The white manifest destiny, got 'em their dirty land
But no matter how clean they shave, they got them dirty hands
My story says what his story doesn't
In the passage of my people they tried to murder all my cousins
They celebrate their independence
And ask us to forget how they abused it
But we remind 'em everyday
Comin' gangster with this music

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