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"Be Free (Remix)"

“Goddamn, b*tch”

"Why can’t I be free"

[Verse One: Natti]
A late night exchange of numbers, a freak f*ck festival
One hit wonder cutter, plus she sucks testicles
A wee touch skeptical, my feelings after our dealings
Cause she’s susceptible to feelings after her squealings
Staring up at the ceiling thinking I’m her soul-mate
Begging me “stay the night”, but I say “I need Colgate..
Irish Spring, clean jeans, drawers and all, can’t stay…”
Seeing three rings she clings and calls daily
Sings on my machine about dreams of our baby
Bitter scene, bring things to fling on my car window
A more expensive lay would take Louie Vuitton pillows
Alligator sheets on a bed of elephant teeth
Now I wish my one-night stand would please sit down
With her bags packed and a nap sack on the next Greyhound
She stays on my street like potholes, waiting to jump out foxholes
Even rain don’t strain her game, she brings ponchos
Sleeves full of surprises, changes weaves for disguises
Then shows at family functions battin her eyelids
I never would have thought from that one mistake
To shake this b*tch I’d have to study AND1 mixtapes
For sh*t’s sake, pump your breaks, listen this might be low
But you can call me midget, here’s your EPO
Now remain in order of that there restraining order
But this b*tch just laughed and asked if I would call her


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