"Mr. Morganfield & Ms. Waters (A-Side)"

[Verse 1: Natti]
Before Rose reached full bloom, nourished in a smoke filled rooms
Cherished in a juke joint with a pocket size organ under full moon
Sea of black skin, packed in still feeling free moving to the blues
Mr. Morganfield was in a brand new field where he could pick the rules
Cotton filled days, hardened fingers,
chiseled out a stone voice singer
Father figure raising hell with her in a sea of hooch and malt liquor
Ernie Burns gave her life pictures, memories for everybody's eye
Checkered roads round Mississippi, making moves turned to chess in the chii
Raised by a mannish boy, watched him testify in hi-fi
Shaping ears all over in a time that he knew would soon pass by
Muddy waters fed the roots, now everybody reap the fruits
Muddy waters fed them roots, now everybody got some juice, so

[Verse 2: Deacon]
Seen her work from nine to unconscious
Steady tryna figure it out
Critics and Holy Rollers they named it all nonsense
They didn’t want that sh*t in they house
Glass half full, waters emptied out content
Could make a mic remember her name
Soul on the floor, every night this was promised
These melodies that put an end to the pain
Backed by a band of brothers, expanding colors
Try and imagine new land discovered
That's Nawlins, Mizzou, South Philly
That's B-More, Harlem in NYC
That's where they skit-skat, melodic rap
Over the 7th and 11th, can’t call that crap
Godmother showed up and she showed out
Till a rose filled up it’s pot and broke out grown
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