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"I Walk Alone"

[Verse One: Deacon The Villain]
Stress weighs in
No Cee-Lo to sing when things all cave in
No c-notes float through sh*t's creek you wade in
Bathe in
Some learn to wheel and deal it, rock like cave men
Some tool up at night and walk upright like homo sapien
Folk gon' put they faith in
Driving pen and pad to get that cake in
To feed there's someone hungry staring at 'em through their playpen
Few that feeling blessings they say "amen"
Familiar with weapons they just aiming
And squeeze
Alone is quarantine
Poverty is the disease
I chose to walk alone but follow me if you please
The world is jungle, I've gone through so many trees
Left broken and burned, there's ash holes in my sleeve
Ash glows on the leaves to wild fire proceeds
You can't blaze a trail by crawling on hands and knees
Who are you walking with?
What are you walking for?
If you just buying time there's no more journey in store
For real

[Hook] {x4}
I walk alone, alone, alone

[Verse Two: Natti]
I'm on the hunt for that Bruce Lee chi
Over loose leaf searching for that true me peace
Battle anger and resentment, trapped within a tempest
Where weakness and addiction steady block me from contentment
Sometimes my insides ugly from envy
At times contempt can tempts me and it's rather convincing
Till I reflect
Check self before the wreck and
Get that clearer image of self before effects
Cause filters can cover the flaws we oft' neglect
And pilfer you of all forms of self respect
I'm on a quest for that Himalayan crest
Tibetan ruler effect, gems no jeweler can check
Coming from depths where death so rarely settle
From slums where every breath is a precious metal
Shadow boxing with self as lesser devils
Revel in bezels I use time find level
Ground, when...


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