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"Dying Breed"

[Produced by Thomax]

[Verse 1: Deacon The Villain]
We the last of a dying breed
Steady searching for my kind's like a dire need
Everyday I'm watching liars eat and leech
While I starve, sleep and listen to the friar teach
Peace, everyday I pray for it
Every blessing I receive I try and pay forward
But sometimes, the sun shines
More like a gun line, boss, better call one time
Running blind on this strange journey
I hope I'm still alive when they bring gurneys
In this world where friends are more attorney then Bert or Ernie
It hurts me deep, peep, I'm steady learning
That when it's money, bet it's all good
Most Robin Hoods ain't got a merry man in Sherwood
Find a good heart, no Google search could
Brothers was killing brothers in Eden where we first stood

[Hook: Deacon the Villain]
Last of a dying breed, I'm curious
All my people on lock down, Lord, mysterious
Last of a dying breed, everybody here better stop now
Nothing's gonna slow that clock down, no, I'm furious

[Verse 2: Natti]
Should the good stroll off the Atlas, forsaking the hapless
Let the soldiers of the soulless prevail in the madness
sh*t's real in the field when it's minimal rations
And all feel the hunger from the sum of the actions
Running thick as thieves, robbing through blurred lines
Levels of good and evil, graded on curved lines
The pinnacle's a pentacle, bewitching the cynical
Left stranded on the planet where the wicked survive
Say no to truth, while addicted to lies
Gentrifying, remove the hood like it was just a disguise
Throw the blank on, a blanket party, like it's just a surprise
The menace of what lives in a secular thrive
Penance on what gives and is eaten alive
Apocalypse approaches in the form of divide
Too many bees in the trap, bear hands in the hive
Reacting to what's sweet with the sting out of mind


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