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(Verse 1: Natti)
Sire of sires, hiding behind squires
Similar to the emperors transparent attire
My guillotine swings and kings become silent
Let the blue blood run red to make violet
Let the brand new blood shed define violent
Fighting over the chair that's highest up in the air
The crown lives forever for never a lack of heir
How do lambs try to come to lay claim to a lion's share?
Everybody claim to have a kings just cause
Most wanna be the king just cus
Its become about as mindless as Midas minus the touch
Or a search and seizure of Ceasar's whole harem of sl*ts
Minus the nuts
Top of the mountain is much colder
Coming for the crown that's rapped round ya molar
Striking to bring fin to a sh*t eating grin
Most made men turn maiden
Few are brave till the end

(Hook: Sheisty Khrist)
They playin checkers not chess
Check the way that I move on the set
King sh*t
On the throne leaning, leg across the armrest
Gold chains draped on my neck
King sh*t
I seen guys with dreams they had wings to fly
Get crushed like flies
King sh*t
The king dies, and darkness will touch the skies
But the sun shall rise
King sh*t

(Verse 2: Deacon The Villain)
You can bow or watch your bough break
If the King swing leave you looking like some round steak
You just jest
Punch you in your clown face
Fire turned flesh
Turn you into pound cake
Smokin something loud as the crowd
When this castle forged steel came round to ya brow
And ya crown fell
I'm flyer than the ravens
Carrying the news on your new found enslavement
Any last words for your tombstone engravement
As laymen lay with yo ladies for payment
Cool enough to pull a coup in a coupe
That weak talk make me sick, somebody brew me some soup
Any regrets I'll let you brood in a noose
When I come home to roost get reduced (hol’ up!)
And f*ck ya flag you need trust for truce
Death to anyone who cuts you loose
I'm talking that king sh*t


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