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"Guide You Through Shadows"

[Verse 1: Deacon the Villain]

Yeah.. Listen
Once upon a time fell in love with an aura but the horror
Said she couldn't love me till tomorrow
Oh the disdain when tomorrow never came
I was a moth to her flame named martyr
Met her on the Marta King station oh the irony
So many wrinkles in my mind, in no time, she would iron me out
Help me find what I was about
Give me water that could last in a drought, you see - me
I was lost, in the shadow of death
She had the valleys and peaks and with the shallowest breaths
She told me bout light, took me right to the crest
Showed me darkness, heartlessness parked in its depths
I was kept 'tween them legs where she refereed me
Was confused but her clues brought the best I could be
To the top, when she left
Thought I'd drop
But instead
Tilted head back and watched
You see [you see]


She'll guide you through shadows... And to a star [x2]

[Verse 2: Substantial]

When you took me by the hand
Friends who disguised they plans
Went from allies or fam
To enemies well I’ll be damned
Oh man, light’s so blinding dog
Amazing if you’re seeing I without a guide at all
Ninjas will hide in fog, predators close on prey
Sun will come out tomorrow, today he throwing shade
I couldn’t see it
Before I wasn’t hip but then our trip made me believe it
Guided me through darkness where the route ain’t known as scenic I’m seeing
These so called angels cast the shadow of a demon, the reason?
Envy, they want what you’re eating
Like they’re inclined to dine on spoils you been receiving
They ain’t help you grow or give you land to plant the seed in, it’s seeming
They only pick you when they see you are in season


[Verse 3: RA Scion]

1, 2, 1, 2
Let the goddesses guide us, goddesses guide us
Yo I’m solely dependent
On the benefits of the soul and those energies in it
Fuel the soul and power the motor
We been the descendants
Ever since she sent us the motive
Witches apprentice
Hold us Aluna by the shoulder to show you the road is
Full of so much you’d never notice
Legend after focus adjust though, and step closer
We kept going so y’all could see what’s floating in the waters
I go with the torch to the farthest corner for its over
We provide guidance, through this form of applied science
Writers alliance, we tryna shine a light behind us
For seekers to follow, beacon keep blinking eternally
This journey is hell that’s why I felt compelled when Deacon hollered
My people need reminding there’s some life lessons
How we the finer specimens of the divine essence
How to find direction whenever dead of night has set in
Challenge your fears
Shadows only appear when light is present
We guide you [we guide you], we guide you [we guide you]
Through the darkest parts of life to spark a light or to
Help you to see a few emcees who’s here to fight for ya
Signs of victory reliance on the highest order

And to a star... [x2]
You're sure to lose your mind [x4]

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