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"Missing Children"

On my way to find myself again
I have come a long, long ways from home to see

Ha, Braille, a little louder

[Verse 1: Braille]
My last breath echoes through your oxygen supply
You're not fond I've never been who I claim
You can't tame the lion once it breaks out the cage
Once it breaks out, all over my face
Put your brakes on, stop the motion
Robotic movement, rusted by the rain of my father
Two sided, two names
Splashin' water retaliates
Flood to the surface of my lyrical percentage
Verbally aggressive, abusive attendance
Unexplained anger slaps my style senseless
How dare I mention mistakes and intentions?
Another star in my collection
The stars I've collected fell from the sky
I keep fallin', who let my hopes rise?
No parachute to provide safety, take me
Away from this shallow tide, from the shallow minds
The walls keep closin' in, I've opened every door
The hinges just always squeak
I need to loosen up, put it all behind me
And if you're searchin', lost is where you'll find me

[Verse 2: Deacon the Villian]
October 27th, 1995
The day I found out my sister was no longer alive
Now I'm the oldest sibling
With her no longer living on this sad day
Decided to give up the bad ways
And to be a model for my younger sister
Wasn't the dumbest (___)
But my education was just car heists, burglury, urban liqour
The sort of fingers being curved on triggers
And I knew for certain, if I continued, living life all simple
Jail would be the only institution I'd be able to get into
So I laced by boots
Hit the books, flip from crook
Hopped over my obstacles like rocks skipped on brooks
Music became my medication
Motivation for meditation
Far better than any perscription my man was makin'
Sometimes my head be shakin'
Wondering how my life would be
If things never changed, then she could be beside me
But I discard the hypothetics
Won't let stress slice my lettuce
Theoreticaly, she just moved on ahead of me
So now my life's patterned across the same finsh line
Live right any part of me, that's insane is put to rhyme
Occassionally flames took to pine
Sometimes looked for wine
When I'm in binds I grab the Holy Book to find
A revelation to raise me out of this mental mess
And remember my life being blessed
Isn't coincidentalness
A simple test we face daily can drive us crazy
Missing Children, the confused adults loosin' hope
A noose from rope can dead it
But I won't let it take over me
Got somebody on my soul's shoulder lookin' over me

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