"Til’ the End (C.A.L.I.)"

[Verse I: Trek Life]
Sunny days and palm trees first come to mind
Second's the hungry hustlers who work hard and grind

Women with Hollywood dreams who thirst for they time
They see a baller and they be the first ones in line
That's Cali for ya, like my cousin Golden say
Where fly women and fly rides is always on display
Get it poppin' dog, you know what we say
People here to strike it rich so we call it the Golden State
But as fools go, sometimes, man be hesitant
From mountains to the shorelines, all my Cali residents
Are not to be slept on, gang signs repped hard
Lights cops carry guns that'll pierce Teflon
From 6-2-6 to the 8-0-5
To the bay where the houses is stacked in the hillside, it's live
Whenever I bust, I hold pride
Trek Life, Inverse reppin' Cali worldwide, uh, uh

[Hook I: Deacon the Villain]
So high that I touch the sky
Gonna put my faith in you
'Til the day that I say goodbye
Ain't never gonna say goodbye
Want to put my faith in you
'Til the day that I die and touch the sky
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