Imagine the burning embers
They glow below and above
Your sins you won’t remember
And all you’ll find there is love

[Verse 1: Natti]
I’m cloaked in smoke but feel no flames
Folks float around me but I see no wings
No halos or hounds, pitchforks or gates
Or omnipotent voice that picks course or fate
To the life of indecision build a dreamscape prison
Where light isn’t manufactured but captured inside a prism
In a state between asleep and awake
Feels closest to hypnosis where the infinite wait
Then the fog dissipates revealing crimson fields
Crept on by a fawn with flaming heels
Eyes red as stop signs and a mane of quills
As it gaze past hills of diamond trees
I see a silhouette rest upon golden knees
For the body of a goddess and a face of dreams
A half-naked Meagan Good in a pagan hood
Kiss me on the cheek, we didn’t speak but I understood
It wasn’t Heaven that I was seeking but a haven I sought
A canvas of the mind painted with my thoughts
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