"To Be For Real"

From make believe
Well I want to be for real (x3)

[Verse 1: Natti]
Some are real as the line in their big face bill
Others are counterfeit living off of Xerox meal
Quickly coming out their mouth like they put out grills
See the traffic in the sky, but you take off still
Living the high life or limelight, I just like the light lime
Fabricating your life, I just have to write mine
Be ahead of the game, got to have the right mind
I just do it while others just want the Nike signs
I respect grind, finish line is asinine
Don't grown folks quit stop pretending sometime after nine?
This is real life, sh*t gets physical
Pixar, gangster n***as I find pitiful
Trying to back the rep you create is just criminal
Stop lying, flatline, digital sales minimal
Defibrillators for your career, no one's feeling you
A hundred cc's of truth in your life is critical


[Verse 2: Deacon the Villain]
Listen: maybe Sade can tell you how love rock
Play it in the liquor stores or in the drug spots
We all want love, but tell me what's love got
We'll love you till it changes who you are, then love stops
We love Mike, we love Elvis, we love Pac
If that's love, n***a, maybe we should all love not
Paparazzi love got us fiending for love shots
Trying to fill a void, just a hole where love rots
Maybe it's a phase, may it be a chapter
Just another story you can think on with laughter
So either leave or come American disaster
Behind all the Maybelline, drywall, and plaster
Under the million dollar rug swept ashes
And billion dollar lives that make debts from assets
The fastest can't run from who they are
I'd run from self but no man can run that far
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