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"Break Even"

[Verse 1: Natti]
Arrives alive, feet first, momma's little burden
Who grows to lust lavish living like daddy's little version
But the cops pop Pops on his grind from poor to riches
So a shackled man stands to name his first son Richard

[Tripp Doogan]
Young, [not] realizing why, but he despises his daddy's lies
His sister, Karma, look just like his momma with daddy's eyes
He sit in apartment looking out the window with daddy's ride
His childhood passing by; he's growing too fast to cry

Too old to be told stories of knights in shining armor
That big sis, Destiny, recited nightly to him and Karma
Opposite bedtime, heard street tales of Papa's fed time
Rolling stone with skull and bones tatted across his neckline

[Tripp Doogan]
He learned to throw rags and load mags before he could read
His momma spending her rent on Boy when there ain't nothing to eat
Tracking her arm up and turning cheap tricks for bumps
And he been checking the same empty refrigerator for months

Fast forward in time
(We are) searching for reason
(But we know) ain't no way to rewind
So we spend that time just trying to break even

[Verse 2: Natti]
Watching momma's body wither and hunger pains in his sister
From a teen to a king he stuck up his momma's mister
No more peddling poison for profit off in this household
Took Papa's strap and tap momma's dealer until he was out cold

[Tripp Doogan]
Whatever it takes, he does it dedicated to his sister and mother
Learning the game by bagging zips with his cousin
Keeping the fridge full now, well he got dollars by the fistful
A car with a system and a yard full of pit-bulls

King Rich the rich king who's ride sits on things
And those who owe dough feel blows with gold rings
And momma raise Karma with Destiny right on her arm
In a project palace founded by violence, but far from harm

[Tripp Doogan]
Ignoring his daddy's letters, but his sisters anticipate
The visitation day, but he's just focused on getting paid
He barely ever home, growing up alone
He had to rehabilitate his mom, keep his sisters from whoring


[Verse 3: Natti]
Now Rich is feeling himself, not concealing his wealth
And his cousin's loving his product and improvidence felt
He's crying for help, but Rich told him tighten his belt
And then Rich ditched his cousin, put his life on the shelf

[Tripp Doogan]
He went from hustling to feed those in need to greed
And neglecting his cousin's progress, police is pleased
Cause he helping to crucify Rich with times and dates
Names and states on license plates of cars supplying the weight

So Rich got his n*ggas out pitching on the curbs
While his cousin with the law, jaw singing like the birds
Said if he take the stand they plan to send him to the burb
So he pitched Rich to the Dixon, sent them to the birds

[Tripp Doogan]
Cased him, replaced his bracelet with cuffs and chains
A f*cking chain he flushed so much he plugged the drain
Leaving his sisters and his mother with nothing but more problems
And his new cell mate is his 50 year old father


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