"Bullies where you at?"

[Verse 1]
Bullies where you at?
You're all rats
Why don't you try and get a life and that's that
We're Eminem, you're a pen
We're Drake, you're a... lake

That's why when the blood's on the ground, you sippin' on it, you bathe in it
Nope!, That's not what you do
I bathe in the blood o' my enemies
You're my enemies, I kill you!
I swear, that's what we do
I tell the teacher, it's like a God
And it go down and strike lightning on you...
And then you drop to the ground-

[Drew's Part/Verse 2]
-Head first
Head first on the ground, you can't do anything about that, all those buddies out there why don't you stop tryna be like me and be like someone who's not you. Everyone why don't you just copy you and don't thinkin' about all the others and just think about you...
To you, Oscar

[Verse 3]
Even though we look to the side (Yo)
Even though we go looks to the side and that
Get the hooks and that
And it go up my nose
Get flushed down the toilet
That's not what I do
When I go up I get up the drain and I go punch you in the face
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