"Winter’s Coming On The Way"

Winter's Coming

Winter's Coming
The snow is falling, the leaves are blowing
It's below zero in Toronto, Ontario
I always say that winter's coming on the way
Winter's Coming
I know Christmas is also coming on the way
Slushy here in early November
Everyone come let's say
Winter's Coming

[Verse 1]
Here it's the misty melting, [?] floods winter in Toronto, Ontario
Here we are in Norland, Ontario
Winter's Coming
Here in Toronto, the snow is crunchy
But here in the country, the snow is dripping
What I was saying!
Winter's Coming

[Verse 2]
We build a snowman but it gets destroyed
But we fight back until it comes back
But my homie said nah, we ain't freezy all we need is winter
Yeah Yeah, I just look at that winter dripping through Toronto Where it says...
Winter's Coming
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