R. Kelly

"Lay It Down (G-Mix)"

Lay your head on my pillow
Lay your head on my pillow
Lay it down
Lay it down
Lay it down
Oh lay it down
Lay your head on my pillow, yeah

[Verse One:]
I ain't Casanova, me and Romeo ain't never been friends
But tonight girl I'ma you how much I love you, let the party begin
I'ma do something I never did to you girl
I'ma turn you out, I'll show you a new you girl
Tell your friends you ain't coming out tonight
Wrap your hair girl, tie it up tonight


[Verse Two:]
You're looking at me girl and I ain't talking about the look in your eyes
Me, my partna and nem is giving a standing ovation girl tonight
So go on and stretch it out 'cause I'm gon' work it good girl
And don't be bourgie 'cause tonight I need a hood girl
And I'm gonna tell my friends I ain't coming out tonight
I'ma pull this jimmy out and rock that body right
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