R. Kelly

"Havin’ a Baby"

[Verse 1: R. Kelly]
What is this news you've got to tell me?
Girl, What has got you so excited?
Why Would you call me on my job
When I'm right in the middle of writing?
See, you've got this look upon your face
Spit it out, girl, I just cannot wait
To get whatever it is up out of you
So tell me, girl, What it do?

[Pre-Chorus: R. Kelly & Sheri Hauk]
I'll give you a hint
It crawls 'fore it walks
In a couple of years
It begins to talk
And it makes us so happy

Girl, are you telling me...

[Chorus: R. Kelly & Sheri Hauk]
I'm havin' a baby
Oh, I'm so happy
I'm havin' a baby
And I'm so glad to be that baby's daddy
I'm havin' a baby
A little girl, a little boy, a little you, a little me
I'm havin' a baby
Girl, it doesn't matter as long as it's healthy
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