R. Kelly

"Slow Wind (Remix)"

[Intro: R. Kelly (Sean Paul)]
All the ladies in the club (Send on!!!)
It's your boyfriend would you wine for me
All the ladies in the club (Sean-de-Paul)
Would you wine for me (R. Kelly sing!!!)

[Chorus: R. Kelly (Sean Paul) (*R. Kelly Adlibs)]
(*Whoa!) Come on baby would you wine for me (W-W-Wine)
(*Whoa!) Girl I wanna see you wine for me (Move pon time)
(*Whoa!) In the club would you wine for me (W-W-Wine girl)
(*Remix!) All I wanna do is see you wine for me (Move pon time)

[Verse 1: R. Kelly]
Girl you roll it like a pro in the club
I can see the future and you are my lover
Girl there's no need to go low no further
Because I want you and only you under my cover
Boo I love you cause your so sexy (Whoa!)
The way you back that thang up on me (Whoa!)
Break it all the way down to the floor (Whoa!)
Bring it up I can't take no more
Are you from an island girl?
The way you wining it for me girl
Like (Whoa!) Your bumpin and grindin in the club
Like (Whoa!) I love to see you winin' in the club
Like (Whoa!) Oh I just wanna love you longtime
Like (Whoa!) My only mission's to make you mine
Like (Whoa!) Your the sexiest girl in this party
(Whoa!) I'm so glad that I came to this party
(Whoa!) I'm about to get wasted in this party
Guaranteed I'm a walk out with somebody
Stop! Shake it up now drop it
Bounce! Bring it up while your winin'
I can tell you want sex the way you flex it
Throw that ass at me make me want catch it
Girln I really wanna sex you, make me show you what Kells can do
Hit it from the back till you, screamin my name
Then I, put you on top now girl I'm screamin your name
Turn it back over then I go down low
Feels so good your yellin Kells go go
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