R. Kelly


Rap by R.Kelly
(feat. R. Kelly, Fabolous)
[R. Kelly]
Y'all know what this is
So bob your heads, yeah
Ladies it's your boyfriend
And Ms Johnson
We mixing drinks right now y'all
I step up in the spot and all the heads turn
Pull up in the green apple beema
Ya boy so hot the club might burn
Fresh tennis suit walkin' with 'Leena like brass knuckles on my fist ain't it mane
Like sun shinin' on my wrist ain't it mane
Like a pimp with a twist, hypnotic with the criss f**k with models with the hips whats the name?
Canary yellow ice came with the chain
Just like money, cars and clothes came with the fame
Just like big pimpin y'all drew all this hoes just like
Thats why im in the club poppin all these bottles tonight

[Syleena (Verse 1)]
Boy, you got that crazy magic formula
And I can't shake it babe
Just wanna drink it babe
And I stay hungry for your love
You keep me wanting "beef"
Wanna eat it up
Tell me what
(What is this)
(That's so addictive) That's so addictive that I
Lose control
It feels so good
I had to ask a question
(What is this)
(That's got me feenin) Got me fiending, yeah
Can't seem to let go
Oh, baby your love is so
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