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R. Kelly


[Chorus (Jay-Z)]
The power of the P-you-S-S-Y
Thatz why every mutherf*cka in the world dress fly
Every baller
That can afford it they cop the best ride, for the power of the P-you-S-S-Y
(Let's have some fun)
The power of the P-you-S-S-Y, thatz why n*ggas get they hair cut, try to dress fly
Every baller that can afford it he cop the best ride
For the Power of the P-you-S-S-Y

I-I know this girl we call her Sweet Cooch Brown
Hands down mami had the bombest pus*y in town
One dip in the girl pool, thatz all it took
One sample of the snappa and ya ass was whooped
Have you buyin Gucci sandals matchin pocketbooks
Blowin up her beeper, ringin her phone off the hook
Ball playaz they spent money, rappers they spent time
All the while both claimin that they never spent a dime
Buisness guys you were victimised
Have 'em payin rent on condos in a Miami High Rise
They ask her, "Who pus*y's this?"
Look her right in her eyes
She say, "This pus*y's yours, Daddy"
Tell 'em nothin but lies
Ha! They didn't believe it, but they wanted to
Needed to. She had the type of body that you didn't want leavin you
So they ignored all her flirtin ways and put a ring on her finger
I'm like, "Earth to Dave!"

[are. Kelly]
Naw.. I ain't no rapper but I'mma sing my sh*t
When it comes down to that mutherf*ckin click click click
n*ggas I sip sip sip, turn on ya quick quick quick
And thatz why I be givin mami much di*k di*k di*k
While yall chumps be copin diamonds and fur and all that
Fiendin for this pus*y as if yall was on crack
When it comes to the truth, I can't hold back
Ya'll cats that be babysittin these broads need to be smacked
It's this n*gga named Monroe that I know from way back
He hit the lotto, bought this girl a Cadillac
Now this b*tch be creepin behind this n*ggas back
Me bust his nut guess what he still took the b*tch back
Three things n*ggas love... Money, pus*y, and drugs
Can't get one without the other unless you soft and in love
Yall take it from a playa who's done all the above
n*ggas it the lesbian R&B thug

[Devin the Dude]
The P is for the pearl tongue that I like to tickle
The you is for uterus, down deep in the middle
Ss is so slippery when I go up inside
pus*y's good and if you gettin some I know you know Y
See I got my first shot when I was bout 7
Her father called my house he said
"I need to talk to yo son Devin
My daughter she's 11 and she goes to the same school that yo son goes to
And she said today she got screwed. "
But my daddy answer the phone so no drama, and all he said was
"No sh*t! Let me talk to that girl mama!"
Then I was suspended 3 day, tooken from school
It was like a vacation
n*ggas lookin at pus*y at the pool in our apartments
I started hittin hard when I was small
Let me recite a story lesson for all of yall
See pus*y's like a wound it would never heal
The more ointment you put on then the better it feels
Cuz it's...

[are. Kelly]
Oh yeah
n*ggas will do anything for some pus*y
Hey Hey Hey!
Oh! See it don't matter who you are
Where you from, in this life at some point ya gonna wanna get you some
Yes you will
Ooo. Oh! I know

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