R. Kelly

"Lady Sunday (Commentary)"

La da da da da, la la
Oh yeah, yeah

Where there's no sun, there is that girl
She is the one that spins my world
When I am down, she makes it better
When there are clouds, she change the weather
My wishing well, oh my peace and my glory
As a fairytale, then she is my story
When I feel drained, her love is like a fountain
And when I'm weak, she can move mountains

I never felt a love, no, this way
I never felt a kiss, no, this way
I never felt joy this way
'til my lady Sunday came

Oh, I am her ground, and she is my sky
If life is a road then she is my ride
When I'm in pain, she's my good feeling
When I am sick, she brings me healing
Whenever I call, she is right there
And when I fall, she says a prayer
When it comes to making love to me she knows how to do it
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