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R. Kelly


[R Kelly]
It's the remix
Oh yeah you know I had to do it
And I got my middle fingers up
And Im in this b*tch like turned up for what

Yall talking money and hoes UOENO
Yall sh*t talking to a toilet UOENO
I'll f*ck with nothin but hit champs UOENO
And my di*k could hold the banners UOENO
Im turnt up in this b*tch UOENO
I'm riding round with your chick UOENO
My girl mama want me, she think I don't know it
Got an ass just like her daughter, think I'm gonna do it

[Verse 1 : R Kelly]
These R&B n*ggas vegetarians man they don't want beef
Got the baddest b*tches saying 'Oh my God' and I ain't even no priest
And I'll tell these hoes like this
b*tch Im a dog and I ain't got no leash
And peace to all my fallen soldiers
It's real out in these streets
My living room like magic city
Im motor boating them tig ol bitties
I ain't throwin nothin' but hundred fifties just f*ck you
If you ain't f*cking with me

Flash light on my wrist UOENO
My chain could buy this club and UOENO
Yeah I just bought the mall out and UOENO
And I just killed the remix and yall know it

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